About Liv + Co. Jewelry

Liv + Co. was created and founded by a mother of two little girls, who, for years has been in the book industry. Her true loves and passions are her girls, books, crystals, and all of the pretty, little, whimsical things. Creating this company and making jewelry has long been a passion of the founder and she found with a lot of practice and training, her niche, was being able to create some unique, beautiful pieces for the world. Her attention to detail is what has allowed her to excel as an artist. Nothing makes her happier than seeing people excited over her creations. However, absolutely NOTHING makes her happier than her girls whom she gets to spend much more time with while serving this industry. Her girls have watched their mother spend numerous hours creating this company from the ground up, and even at very young ages, they are inspired and empowered by their mothers devotion to her passions. By supporting this business, you are supporting a mother, a wife, and a small family business which means the world to them.