Cultivate: 01

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Cultivate: 01
Cultivate: 01
Cultivate: 01
Cultivate: 01
Cultivate: 01


 Large 2.5inch x 1.25inch, Copper pendant. This pendant is the only piece from the Cultivate Collection that incorporates both Seraphinite and Green Tourmaline stones. Both stones have been placed and set between copper angel wings. The copper part of this pendant has a patina, and has been polished and sealed. 

The pendant comes on your choice of oxidized copper chain at your specified length.

A. copper satellite chain

B. copper crinkle chain

C. copper rolo chain

Please leave a comment/note with your chain preference and length at checkout. 


These lovely stones are known for their mixture of deep green color, shot through with lovely silver markings that resemble beautiful angel wings. The meaning of this stone's name is derived from the name Seraphim, the angels of highest spiritual level. It has been said that these stones have a strong energy to contact the angelic realms. They can act as a trigger, causing old patterns of disease or imbalance to fall away, allowing new patterns to be created. It is very useful in aiding in the healing of the heart and lungs, as well as any systemic illness relating to cellular regeneration. Its overall true purpose is to bring light into the body, expressing through us as glowing health.

*Green Tourmaline

Also known as Verdelite, is perhaps Nature's best healing crystal of the physical heart, channeling its electrical energies into the center of one's being and creating a flow of wholesome energy to all parts of the body and self. Its spiritual vibrations harmonize with the energies of the Earth as it opens the Heart Chakra and stimulates a strong resonance with Divine Love. Green Tourmaline purifies and strengthens the nervous system, allowing it to carry greater amounts of Spirit force. As more energy is carried within the physical body, higher degrees of consciousness can be maintained. It is ideal for sealing holes in the aura that leave one vulnerable to negativity.

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